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Tech start-up created by Gabe Garza ‘08 developing indoor mapping robots


A tech start-up firm founded by University of Southern Maine alumnus Gabe Garza ‘08 is developing an indoor mapping technology with specially designed robots.

Garza’s firm, Reckon Point, just closed a $1.5 million round of investments, according to a company release.

Garza graduated from USM in 2008 with a degree in Electrical Engineering. He founded his company in 2014.

Based in San Antonio, Texas, Reckon Point has spent the past three years developing the proprietary technology that allows it to efficiently map a variety of indoor environments, particularly large venues where navigation can be difficult for visitors, according to the release.

"Our fleet of mobile robots can triangulate various positions by utilizing the various signals in a space," Garza said. "This includes internet routers and cell phone signals. All of this can be done with guests still in the venue."

The mobile robots that Reckon Point deploys move around the interior of a building and scan the environment for signals that will provide the data needed to locate your position. It does this with near-pinpoint accuracy — as it can locate your position within two meters, according to the release.

The intention of Reckon Point's technology is to more effectively help people wayfind in large multi-directional spaces — including convention centers, hospitals, college campuses, and sporting venues.

Garza founded Reckon Point after spending more than six years working for the Department of Defense. During that time, he led multiple advanced research and development projects in cloud-based applications for the Air Force 24th Cyber Defensive Squadron and the 25th Air Force Cyber Offensive Squadron, and served as the Flight Test Lead / Algorithms Lead Engineer for an advanced DARPA missile program involving autonomous tracking and navigation, according to the release.