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Tracking USM internships: Where #USMWorksForME

Maine map with internships plotted

A new, interactive map is available — compiled from data provided by the University of Southern Maine Career & Employment Hub — that tracks the locations of USM student internships throughout Maine and the nation.

The map currently displays the internships completed by USM students between the years 2013 and 2017, minus data from the Fall 2017 academic semester.

In that 4-year period of time:

  • USM helped provide over 950 students with internships,
  • More than 1,000 internships were completed,
  • More than 430 employers took in USM interns,
  • Employers represented a broad array of fields, including health care, government, engineering, computer science, food service and preparation, entertainment and more.

In addition, internships were completed at some of the world’s most recognizable organizations, including NASA, Disney and ESPN, with a reach that extends across Maine and as far away as Minnesota, California, Hawaii and even South Korea. 

The data is a testament showing how "USM Works For ME," an initiative undertaken by the Career & Employment Hub to get students real-world experience in their fields prior to graduation, that coincides with President Glenn Cummings' Nine Goals for USM

The map data is also a reflection of the Career & Employment Hub's work to fuel workforce development in Maine. Much of the Hub's work is to assist students in connecting with future employers, and employers with students through service-learning opportunities and community-engaged work. For more information, visit the Career & Employment Hub website.

The University of Southern Maine is, and will continue to be, an engine for the Maine economy. As such, this map will be continually updated as more data regarding student internship placement becomes available.

As Cummings says, "USM is the intellectual, cultural, and economic heart of Maine." 

USM Works For ME

usm internship map