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USM alumnus Tommy Derrah, who appeared in the movie "Mystic River," memorialized in Boston Globe and Patriot Ledger

Boston Globe photograph

USM alumnus Tommy Derrah — who appeared in the movie "Mystic River" — was the subject of a feature obituaries in the Qunicy, Massachusetts' Patriot Ledger and the Boston Globe.

Derrah died on Oct. 5.

The Cape Elizabeth native earned his undergraduate degree at USM and continued his theatrical education at the Yale School of Drama. He became a founder of the American Repertory Theater at Harvard University.

He was an actor, director and teacher, eventually teaching at both the Harvard Extension School and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

"On stage he held audiences in thrall, inhabiting roles so thoroughly that to those watching he actually was each character -- not an actor portraying a fictional invention," wrote Globe reporter Bryan Marquard. "The transformation was so complete that upon leaving a theater, he walked by fans unnoticed."

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