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USM enrollment official featured in article on mastery-based education


Nancy Davis Griffin, vice president of enrollment management & student affairs at USM, has been featured in a Mastery Communications Week article discussing non-traditional transcripts and the college admissions process.

Griffin, who has worked in higher education, says transcripts now take many different forms. This includes mastery-based transcripts, which Griffin said USM is seeing more of when students apply.

“There isn’t really a ‘traditional’ transcript any more,” Griffin says. “A lot of transcripts come to us … with a variety of unique standards that schools are measuring their students on. So we are really used to and adapt well to a variety of different types of transcripts.”

Griffin said there are several advantages to mastery-based, or competency-based, transcripts. She said they often paint a better picture of a prospective student than a traditional, letter grade-system transcript.

“Through a mastery transcript, we really get to know the students at a level that helps us make sure we’re admitting the student who is the best fit for our institution,” Griffin said. “It also helps us learn about each student and what courses they'd be best suited for at our institution. … This helps us understand how the student learns and how we can help that student learn at our institution.”

Mastery Week, organized by education innovation firm Springpoint, is a week-long digital collaborative project featuri ideas, resources, tools, and best practices to support educators in mastery communications strategies.

Griffin’s full Q+A session can be read here.