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USM jazz faculty Chris Klaxton collaborates on Boston Music Awards' album of the year

Chris Klaxton

On December 7th, Chris Klaxton, artist faculty in jazz trumpet and jazz piano at the University of Southern Maine, attended the 30th annual Boston Music Awards at the House of Blues to celebrate his collaboration on this year’s BMA Album of the Year, “Torch Song” by STL GLD, a project of hip-hop artists Moe Pope and “The Architype.”

Klaxton has been working with Pope on various projects for the last ten years, tracking trumpet, piano and guitar on his records and playing in his live shows.

“I’ve been a fan of hip hop music my whole life and he is the finest wordsmith I’ve ever worked with,” Klaxton said. “He’s one of my favorite rappers, period. He has always incorporated live instruments in his performances and always tracks instruments in the studio, as opposed to sampling from outside sources.”

Klaxton says that what he has enjoyed most over years of collaboration with Pope is how he treats every performance and record as a complete work by an ensemble, not just a solo artist.

“It’s been a really interesting and inclusive experience. I’ve made a lot of friends through him and have been made to feel a part of the Boston hip-hop scene.”

To listen to “Torch Song,” click here.