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USM Lab To Host Robots and Interactive Video Installation

USM’s Creative Intelligence & Innovation Lab (CI2) will be unveiled tomorrow with a demonstration of a humanoid robot and a preview showing of a large-scale, interactive video projection tower.

USM Professor of Design Science Raphael DiLuzio established the USM lab as a way to foster group and individual creativity and innovation through the sharing of ideas from a wide range of disciplines and perspectives.

The robot demonstration, “Get your Robot ON,” will take place at 11 a.m., this Wednesday, October 17, in the CI2 lab. The robots, officially known as NAO H25 Humanoid Robots, are used for robotics research and to teach robotics programming. The robots have enhanced audio and visual capabilities, and natural motion reflexes. USM computer science students, with Professor Clare Bates Congdon, will lead the demonstration.

The CI2 lab is located on the fifth floor of the Science Research Wing, Falmouth Street, Portland. For more information, email Raphael DiLuzio.

Visiting Programmer, Interactive Designer and Innovator Matthias Oostrik of Amsterdam and USM DiLuzio will show and discuss their large-scale interactive video projection tower in a free, public lecture scheduled for 7:30 p.m., Friday, October 19, in the USM Wishcamper Center’s Lee Auditorium, Bedford Street, Portland. An open house will be held in the CI2 lab beginning at 6 p.m.

This project will be shown this winter and spring as part the Portland Museum of Art’s “Voices of Design, 25 Years of Architalx” exhibition, which opens on February 2 and continues through May 19. 

Architalx is the non-profit, volunteer organization established in 1987 to provide educational programs in the field of architecture and design to Greater Portland and Maine.