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USM Professor Eve Raimon interviewed by Portland Press Herald about Maine signer of the Declaration of Independence

USM English Professor Eve Raimon was interviewed by the Portland Press Herald about Gen. William Whipple, an abolitionist who was recently remembered near his family home in Kittery.

On the Fourth of July, Whipple was recognized for his contribution to the American government. He was the only known signer of the Declaration of Independence from Maine, which was then part of the Massachusetts.

Like most of the signers, he was a slave owner. After the Revolutionary War, he stood for emancipation and freed his slave, Prince.

“He may have supported emancipation in part because Prince was one of 20 New Hampshire slaves to petition for their freedom," Raimon told reporter Gillian Graham. "The petition was rejected, but its historical importance cannot be underestimated.”

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