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USM Professor Releases New Book About Finding Your Soul’s Story

Those who have ever taken time to search for deeper meaning in their life will enjoy reading USM Professor Robert Atkinson’s new book, “Mystic Journey: Getting to the Heart of Your Soul’s Story.” In it, Atkinson explores the process of soul-creation and consciousness awakening to reach self-actualization, a point where a person reaches all of their potential and activates all capacities of their being.

While tackling spirituality, Atkinson’s writing is not exclusive to any one religion. He talks about all faiths when writing about the soul’s journey. “Soul-making happens,” Atkinson writes, “when the light merges with the dark, when joy and sorrow intermingle, when the eternal breaks through from the temporal realm, and when polarities are consciously acknowledged and confronted in our everyday lives.” These words, taken from the book’s introduction, are the basis for everything the book will help readers explore within the context of their own life.

The idea of trying to unravel your own soul’s path may seem overwhelming, but Atkinson has exercises throughout the book meant to help readers find their way. In his writing, he places a great emphasis on the awakening of a person’s consciousness. He says this awakening will allow the individual to keep an eternal perspective in mind. Atkinson believes this perspective helps us live more full and enriched lives.

Atkinson teaches in USM’s College of Education and Human Development, is director of the Life Story Center at USM, and was a co-founding faculty of USM’s Russell Scholars Program. He has been author, co-author, or editor of six previous books. “Mystic Journey: Getting to the Heart of Your Soul’s Story” is his newest, and is currently book of the month on Cosimo Books website.

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