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USM professor summarizes “Women’s Equality Day” in Bangor Daily News

USM's Kimberly Simmons wrote about the history of "Women's Equality Day" in an article in the Bangor Daily News.

In the column, Simmons analyzed the suffragist movement in history and today's political climate.

"Women's Equality Day 2017 (celebrated on Aug. 26) is shadowed by disappointment," wrote Simmons. "We are not celebrating the first female president of the United States, as many of us imagined we would, but instead are grappling with a deep misogyny and racism in current political rhetoric that harks back to the anti-suffrage slogans of the past."

Simmons studies social movements, teaches gender and sociology, and works in civic engagement. She is a member of the Maine chapter of the Scholars Strategy Network where members write for Bangor Daily News.

Read Simmons Bangor Daily News post here.