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USM researcher and student add to analysis of Highland Lake

Karen Wilson, an associate research professor at USM

A discussion about the future of Highland Lake drew public comments by both a USM faculty member and a student.

The lake — which borders on Westbrook, Windham and Falmouth — has been clouded with a bloom.

Karen Wilson, an associate research professor at USM, said it's uncertain whether the resurgence of alewives might have contributed to changes in the lake. Her comments were included in a Forecaster story by reporter Matt Junker.

"It's really hard to say if alewives are causing this," Wilson said. "but they don't cause it in other lakes, so what's going on?"

"Rachel Cray, a rising senior at USM, spent months working on a Highland Lake cyanobacteria investigation project with two of her classmates," wrote Junker. "Through their work, they were able to identify synechococcus, a species of cyanobacteria, in summer sample data from the lake. "

"We did the equivalent of fingerprinting," said Cray, who attended the meeting with a poster board of her group's findings and answered questions from association members prior to the presentation.

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