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USM Social Media Resources

If you manage an official social media account on behalf of your office, school, college or organization, here is where you can find some helpful resources to help better run your profile(s).

USM Social Media Policy

The USM Social Media Policy is your guide to successfully running a social media account at the University of Southern Maine.

Please view the USM Social Media Policy for information on:

  • USM Social Media Presence
  • USM Social Media Account Administration 
  • USM Brand and Voice 
  • Policy for Followers (or Fans) of USM Social Media 
  • Guiding Principles for USM Faculty and Staff
  • Policies for Facebook Promotions
  • And more

USM's Office of Public Affairs will continuously review our strategies and best practices for using social media. Since social media is evolving rapidly, the USM Social Media Policy is a document that will evolve over time.

Social Media Overview from USM's Office of Public Affairs

If you missed the most recent presentation on social media by USM's Office of Public Affairs, click below to view a copy of the presentation. For more information, contact USM's social media administrator.

Presentation (PDF): Social Media at USM

Establishing a New USM Social Media Profile:

Social Media, if done effectively, can be a great way to connect with your audience and promote your USM program. If your office, school, college or organization would like to establish a new social media profile, please contact the Office of Public Affairs to go over goals and strategy. All social media accounts acting on behalf of USM should have one administrator from Public Affairs in case the regular page administrator needs assistance or to serve as a bridge during times of page administrator transition. For more information, please view the Social Media Policy and the most recent social media presentation from the Office of Public Affairs.

If you have established a social media profile and have not yet added a member of the Office of Public Affairs staff as a backup administrator, please contact USM's social media administrator.

If your page represents an official USM office, school, college or program, your page must follow USM brand standards. To obtain properly branded materials for your social media profile, please contact USM's social media administrator. For more information on branding, please view the Social Media Policy

Let's Get Connected!

USM Social Media Accounts:

Click here to view a list of USM's various social media accounts. Get in on the fun by tagging or mentioning the University of Southern Maine or one of its additional social media profiles in your posts on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Mentioning and tagging brings awareness to additional pages from the USM community.

Tagging on Facebook:

To tag USM or an additional USM page on Facebook, type "@" then start typing the name of the page. For this example, we will use the USM Admissions Facebook page.

Example of mentioning people on Facebook 

Once the page appears in the dropdown menu, click it to insert it into your post. 

Example of mentioning pages on Facebook

In the example above, the "University of Southern Maine Admissions" page has been tagged. Once the post is sent, the Admissions page will receive a notification that their page has been mentioned in a post. From there, the Admissions page can choose to share the post.

Mentioning on Twitter

Type "@" then start typing the name of the Twitter handle you want to mention.

Example of mentioning profiles on twitter








Once the handle appears, click it from the dropdown menu. Then continue with your tweet.


TIP: If you start a tweet by mentioning a handle, put a period before the handle so people can see the tweet. Otherwise, Twitter will think it is a conversation, which will severly limit your reach.

Remember, tagging and mentioning brings awarness to other USM pages, so do so when it is appropriate.

USM Official Hashtags:

Start the conversation on Twitter and Instagram by using some of USM's official hashtags.

#USMhuskygram: Got a great picture that showcases life at USM? Use this hashtag to share it with us.

#USMinthenews: Use this hashtag when sharing any information about USM or your office, school, college or organization that may have appeared in the media.

#USMFaculty: Use this hashtag when mentioning USM faculty members in posts.

#HuskyPride: Want to share something that shows off some USM pride? Use this hashtag in your post.

#USMWelcome: Use this hashtag for USM Welcome Week at the beginning of the Fall semester