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USM team wins New England Regional Collegiate Leadership Competition

USM's leadership team

A six-member team of students — ranging in age from the 20s to their 50s — once again took home the top prize at the New England Regional Collegiate Leadership Competition.

“They were pretty impressive,” said Dan Jenkins, who chairs USM’s Leadership Studies Department and coaches the team. Over several challenges, the students displayed their ability to work together, to communicate and act decisively.

The competition, held at USM, hosted six teams. The competitors included Southern New Hampshire University, Southern Maine Community College, the University of Maine, Boston University and New York University.

“This year, it was a pretty big deal because we had these large schools competing,” Jenkins said. “We won the overall competition and scored just shy of the win in the process category.” 

The team members were Mark Graham, Matt Norris, Katia Fonseca, Irene O'Leary, Courtney Randall and Salina Mallory, who was also selected as the team’s MVP.

Preparation for the competition took months of work, mostly on learning how to work together and trust one another as a team.

“I know we had turned the corner when they gave each other good feedback and constructive criticism,” Jenkins said.