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USM Theatre students "a pure joy to watch" in "Fortune" - Portland Press Herald review

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April Boyle, in a review for the Portland Press Herald, praised the Deertrees Theatre performance of two University of Southern Maine Theatre students, Mariah Larocque as "Maude" and Blake Wright as "Jeremy" in the Deertrees Theatre production of “Fortune.”

The production, a New England premiere for Deborah Zoe Laufer, is co-directed by Andrew Harris and Dan Burson. In addition to the lead characters, USM students also take the lead off stage with Luis Del Valle, sound, Austin Tomison, lights, and Emma Zerba, stage management - all current or recently graduated USM Theatre students.

"Wright and Larocque deliver the nearly two-hour, two-act production with ease and a naturalness that draws the audience in. As the story unfolds and the characters’ relationship grows, so does the audience’s love for the characters."

"It’s a sweet, funny and relatable story delivered by two performers who know how to charm an audience. Wright makes his character irresistible, all the while portraying a buttoned-up certified public accountant who believes he’s unlikeable. The expressive actor performs with a vivaciousness that is made even more vibrant by his pairing with the animated Larocque as Maude. The couple have good chemistry and a knack for getting the audience to fall in love with their idiosyncratic characters," said Boyle.

She continues, “Fortune” is a spirited labor of love that is as charming and endearing as Deertrees Theatre. If you miss seeing the final performance on Aug. 23, check it out when it transitions to the University of Southern Maine. It reopens at Russell Hall on the Gorham campus on Sept. 6 and runs through Sept. 8." 

Learn more about the upcoming USM Department of Theatre season on their website.

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Photo via PPH, by David Percival