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USM Voices: Preserving memories of travel abroad

Sara Brown photo

Here at USM, we have many voices that make up our community. We're pleased to continue USM Voices - an opportunity for students, faculty, staff, alumni and more to share their thoughts about all things USM. Taking full advantage of USM's study abroad opportunities, Sara Brown has participated in two short term travel programs, exploring South Africa and Singapore. Here she tells us why photos are her favorite souvenirs. If you would like to share a blog post with us for potential publication, please submit your blog idea here.

By Sara Brown, Social and Behavioral Sciences student from Sumner, Maine

Where I live in Maine is in the Western Mountains. It is absolutely beautiful in this area and in Maine in general. Yet, I have always had the pull to travel and discover new places and people.

So, when I had the chance to travel with USM, I jumped at it. I wanted to allow myself to experience these adventures to the absolute fullest. I met amazing people from other places and create bonds that will last a lifetime with the people I traveled with.

My memories from these trips are my most treasured souvenir, that is why I love to take photos.

They hold my fondest memories from my adventures. They are timeless. They keep the light, the smell, the taste of a destination alive. The colors of the South African mountain ranges or the architecture of Singapore is brought back to life when I look at these photos. I cherish them because they allow me to share my experience with others and relive the memories in the process. Through photos those moments in time become infinite.