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USM's Matthew Edney delivered inaugural lecture in Yale University series

Portrait of Matthew Edney

USM's Matthew Edney delivered the first in the “Mapping as Knowing” lecture series at Yale University’s Franke Program in Science and the Humanities.

Edney, the Osher Professor in the History of Cartography at the University of Southern Maine, discussed the nature and limits of maps as a creation of spatial meaning.

“Our understanding of ‘the map’ is determined by a network of preconceptions and convictions that are deeply rooted in
modern culture, a network that has cohered only since 1800," Edney said. "The network constitutes “cartography.” 

Edney directs the History of Cartography Project at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. With Mary Pedley he has edited "Cartography
in the European Enlightenment" (Chicago, 2019), Volume Four of The History of Cartography. He is the author of "Mapping an Empire: The Geographical Construction of British India, 1765–1843" (Chicago, 1997), numerous articles and book chapters, and the forthcoming "Cartography: The Ideal and Its History" (Chicago, 2019).

He also explores ideas relating to the history and nature of maps and mapping practices at