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USM’s Pious Ali joins Portland City Council in ‘historic inauguration’ says WCSH-TV

WCSH-TV photo of Pious Ali

WCSH-TV covered the swearing-in ceremony Dec. 5 of Pious Ali, a community outreach specialist for USM's Cutler Institute for Health and Social Policy, as a Portland City Councilor.

Ali became the first African-born city councilor in Portland history.

"This afternoon, he shared with NEWS CENTER a little bit of what winning the at-large seat means for him and the city of Portland," reporter Tory Ryden said. "Ali admits he was humbled, excited and a little bit nervous taking the oath at city hall. He shared the thoughts that raced through his mind."

"How did I get here and what does the future look like? The responsibilities that I will carry on my shoulders," Ali said.

Ali won the at-large seat by a landslide, taking 62 percent of the vote in a three-way race.

"'I think it's also a reflection of who we are as a city," he told the reporter. "I have tremendous support from people all over the city. You saw the numbers, and so what is it that people call it? "It's a reflection of the values of the city."

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