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USM’s Theodore Willis talks aquaponics with Bangor Daily News

USM’s Theodore Willis  was featured in a Bangor Daily News story on aquaponics.

The story — looking at the state of aquaponics in Maine — examined Willis’ use of the growing technique in a USM laboratory and travel by classes to commercial growing facilities.

Willis, an associate adjunct researcher with the Department of Environmental Science and Policy, talked about the USM’s 10-tank aquaponics system, which grows lettuce, celery, bell peppers and kale and cultivates tilapia.

During the school year, Willis has a steady stream of students to help tend the system, and the school cafeteria and catering services use the produce grown in meals on campus, wrote Schipani.

“It works well for nine months out of the year, but for three months we are trying to figure out what to do with the various things we are growing down there,” Willis told Bangor Daily News reporter Sam Schipani. “I’m relying on undergraduate volunteers to come in and clean things and feed fish.”