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WMPG Announces Fall Begathon – September 30 through October 6

For more information, contact Dale Robin Goodman, WMPG Development Director, 780-4151,

The semi-annual on-air pledge drive for WMPG community radio at the University of Southern Maine, begins Friday, September 30 and continues through Thursday, October 6. The fundraising goal is $35,000 and Begathon phone lines can be reached at 207-874-3000. Donations may be made at anytime online at WMPG.ORG

“We affectionately call it Begathon, says Dale Robin Goodman, WMPG development director.  Our listeners like that name because it puts our fundraising in a fun and humorous light… but it is serious business.  This is the money we rely on to meet our bare-bones budget.”

Twice a year, this volunteer-led, non-profit radio station sets aside one week to raise funds from its listeners. Program hosts and DJs – all volunteers – are planning now how they are going to inspire their listeners to dial the phone and pledge support to this grassroots radio station. WMPG broadcasts its broad-reaching music, news and public affairs programming at 90.9 and 104.1 FM, and can be heard worldwide at  Musical guests and community interviews, along with WMPG’s usual nutty Begathon antics are only part of what keeps the phones ringing. 

“Our programming during Begathon is pretty much our regular weekly programming, with some extra fun and energy thrown in,” explains Lisa Bunker, program director.  “Our unique local programming speaks for itself and best represents what we do.”

Jim Rand, longtime station manger at WMPG, explains “WMPG maintains a modest budget so that we can rely on our listeners without being a burden to them.  Our supporters are as dedicated to WMPG, as we are to them. We are very careful with every dollar donated, and inspire our listeners with our excellent, creative radio.”