Purchasing and Payables

Contract Documents (forms) Matrix

Contract Matrix: What document is needed? 

Document Purpose Other Information
Contract for Services Outlines the general terms and conditions. To be used when contracting with an individual or company for services.
Personal Services Contract  For individuals who provide a service. Not to be used with corporations.  Form more info see APL VII-H.

Attachment A

completed example

Outlines the specifications of the work to be performed. Required for all Contracts. This form is attached to the contract document.
W-9 form IRS form that contains tax identification number; used to track and report income paid to the contractor. Required for all contracts. This form is attached to the contract document.
Attachment B Insurance Requirements. Attachment for use when there is risk involved in the work to be performed. For example, an individual testing exercise equipment on campus.
Attachment C Standards for Safeguarding Information Use as needed.