Purchasing and Payables

Direct Deposit FAQ's

Direct Deposit of Travel and Expense Reimbursement FAQs

1. When will funds be available in my bank account?

            The day following each check run (check runs are usually Tuesdays and Fridays except when there is a holiday).  So, typically, your deposits will show on Mondays and Wednesdays.

2. If my payroll is direct deposited can I opt out of having travel and expense reimbursements being direct deposited? 

            No, remember direct deposit saves the campus money and we are moving toward this service on all levels.

3. Can my travel and expense reimbursement go to a different account than my payroll check?

            Yes, all you have to do is log on to the Maine Street Portal, Employee Self-Service, Travel and Expense and input the banking account information for what account you want your deposits to go to.

4. What if I change the account that my payroll is direct deposited into, does my travel and expense reimbursement account change also?

            No, changes to payroll do not affect travel and expense reimbursements and vice versa. Each is maintained separately.

5. Will my cash advances be direct deposit also?

             No, cash advances will remain in paper check form or cash for those under $300.

6. If my payroll is direct deposit, do I have to do anything for my travel and expense reimbursements to be direct deposit?

             No, your travel and expense reimbursements will automatically go to the same account as your payroll.

7. If I currently receive a paper check for payroll, will my travel and expense reimbursements be direct deposit?

             Not automatically, but you can have this convenient option simply by adding your banking information into Maine Street, Employee Self-Service, Travel and Expense.

8. What if my payroll check is currently direct deposit and is split between multiple accounts, where will my travel and expense reimbursement go?

            Travel and expense reimbursements will use your payroll account information with the highest order priority.