Purchasing and Payables

Direct Deposit of Reimbursements

Direct Deposit and Expense History Information

If your paycheck is currently direct deposited into your bank account, then any
reimbursements you receive for University travel or expenses will be
deposited directly into your desired bank account. This new process is
available to regular, monthly/biweekly paid employees (non-students)
and should be more convenient for you. Funds will normally be available
in your bank account the day following each check run (which is
currently twice a week) and you will be able to check the status of
reimbursement requests online through MaineStreet Portal>Employee Self-Service. Cash advances will remain in paper check form. The initial setup for direct deposit of reimbursements will use your payroll deposit bank account information with the highest order priority. However, like payroll, you are able to change the bank information at any time via MaineStreet Portal>Employee Self-Service>Travel and Expenses>T&E Direct Deposit. If you receive a paper paycheck, you will continue to receive paper checks for your travel and expense reimbursements. If you would like to initiate your future reimbursements to be direct deposited into your bank account, you may do so by simply adding your banking information via MaineStreet
Portal>Employee Self-Service. Bank account data for Travel and
Expense payments and Payroll are maintained independently. Changes to
the Travel and Expense bank account will not impact your Payroll account and vice versa.

Reviewing Expense History and Payment Status

The payment status of yoursubmitted Travel and Expense reimbursement can be reviewed online through MaineStreet Portal>Employee Self-Service>Review Payments.

The links to the Quick Reference Guides shown below will show you how
to review your expenses.

Remember, this is a convenient service that saves time and money!

Quick Reference Guides