Purchasing and Payables

Tips for Success

The following are recommended:

  • Asertain that cardholders promptly turn in their itemized receipts (within two weeks) and other documentation to you for reconciliation prior to approving the purchase. Also, check the support documentation for a State of Maine Sales Tax charge. If one is found, reimbursment must be obtained from the vendor via a credit back to the cardholders account.
  • Make appropriate changes to chartfield combinations prior to approving the purchase. Account Codes must comply with the University of Maine System's classifications.
  • Maintain a file folder/envelope for each cardholder to hold receipts and other documentation in suspense for reconciliation.
  • Reconcile and approve each purchase on the web promptly. Promptly reconcile each cardholder's monthly statement. Obtain the cardholder's supervisor's signature on the monthly statement.
  • Maintain your monthly reconciliation folders/envelopes in a neat and orderly manner.They must be filed in a secure location for 5, plus the current year.
  • Ensure each monthly folder/envelope includes the following:
    • Corresponding Purchasing Card sales slip, itemized receipts, packing lists, and associated documentation including the signed Cardholder's Statement.
    • Notation of receipt of the ordered items.
    • Status of any returns, credits, or disputed items.
  • The easier it is to review your reconciliation folder/envelopes and find all the required information and documentation, the less chance of receiving an unfavorable review.
  • If an item needs to be disputed, please have your cardholder call the number on the back of their card.