Purchasing and Payables

University Travel and our Carbon Footprint

Dear USM Community,
The University is working hard to reduce its carbon footprint and we need your help. As an institution, USM has committed to drastically reduce our carbon emissions and written a Climate Action Plan to help accomplish this goal. Carbon footprint is the measurement of all carbon emissions relating to the University’s fossil fuel use and includes everything from energy consumption and power sources to transportation. By reducing our carbon emissions, we will reduce the need for and use of fossil fuels and contribute fewer greenhouse gasses to the atmosphere.
Going forward, we will be tracking mileage of staff and student travel for University business. This includes mileage in personal cars, rental cars, buses, trains, and airplanes. We are making this change for Fiscal Year 2012 for any travel after 8/29/2011.
In order to accurately track mileage, we are asking that when submitting your travel expense voucher, you have a separate chartfield line for mileage expense instead of lumping all travel expenses together. For the total cost of our personal vehicle mileage, please use 61401 In-State Mileage, and 61501 Out-State Mileage. Mileage reimbursements are currently at $.44 per mile. Tolls should not be reported in these accounts.
Other chartfield numbers should be utilized as follows: 61407 In-State Travel-Vehicle Rental and 61507 Out-State-Vehicle Rental.  Account 61403 In-State Transportation and 61503 Out-State Transportation should be used for all other transportation such as airfare, train fare and bus tickets.
To reduce both costs and carbon footprint, please consider carpooling whenever possible.  Public and mass transportation are often affordable, comfortable and sustainable alternatives when traveling to, from, or within a metropolitan destination or between the Portland and Gorham campuses.
Thank you for your cooperation in this new and exciting endeavor. With your help, we can gather the data we need to make USM a greener place as well as save valuable department funds.
For any questions regarding your reimbursement please contact Susan Cota at
scota@usm.maine.edu. For questions regarding carbon footprint, alternative transportation, or reporting of our efforts, please contact Tyler Kidder at