Recovery Oriented Campus Center

Creating a Bridge Through Writing

January 24, 2018 to May 2, 2018
The Recovery Oriented Campus Center
Hands writing in a notebook on a table next to a cup of coffee

 Creating a Bridge Through Writing

A Creative Writing Support Group

Every Wednesday 5 - 6pm 

at The Recovery Oriented Campus Center

This is a peer based support group for anyone, we are accepting of people from all walks of life. Through writing I hope everyone gains a better understanding of the world around us, ourselves, and a way to cope with the issues surrounding our personal lives.

The format of each group will include 45 minutes for writing and 15 minutes for discussion. The writing topics may vary from week to week but you do not have to follow the theme given. Creative writing is based on the author's desire, so feel free to write about what you want. Writing will range from poems, and short stories to long stories. During discussion you do not need to share beyond what you are comfortable, it is okay to pass if you do not want to speak.

This group’s goal will be to help its members. Creative writing can help people process their emotions, escape into a mystical world of their own creation, and feel empowered.

Contact Information

Haley MacLeod