Recovery Oriented Campus Center

Diving for Diversity

February 7, 2018 to March 7, 2018
The ROCC Common Room- Top Floor of Sullivan Gym

Diving for Diversity is an exploratory working group that will explore the
concept of diversity and inclusion as it pertains to ones’ self, recovery, U.S.M., and the

Group Objectives:

We will analyze the various definitions of both diversity, as well as recovery.
We will use our gained experience and knowledge to strengthen the diversity and inclusion
within ourselves, the R.O.C.C.(Recovery Oriented Campus Center), U.S.M., as well as within
the community. We will explore potential barriers in place of creating well-diversified and fully
inclusive spaces within the campus and community. One of our overall goals is to operate under
a solution/goal based model; with that being said, we will also explore the various resources,
allies, partners, and community engagement opportunities available to us.

Contact Information

Antwane Mills