Recovery Oriented Campus Center

Explaining Recovery Yoga -Training and Discussion

March 12, 2019
4:00 PM to 5:00 PM
The ROCC Common Room- Top Floor of Sullivan Gym

What is Recovery Yoga? What is Trauma Informed Yoga? Have you ever wondered how these are different than other yoga classes you may have experienced?

You can find out- on Tuesday March 12th from 4-5 pm at the Recovery Oriented Campus Center!

This Training and discussion will identify similarities and differences, and what is unique about Trauma informed, Recovery yoga. Join Mary Stanton, a certified trauma informed and recovery yoga instructor,  to learn more and ask questions. Mary will also provide instruction and support for yoga tools to expand your at home yoga practice.

No sign up needed, Attend this free training at the Recovery Oriented Campus Center on Tuesday March 12th at 4pm, and bring a friend!

Contact Information

Anna Gardner -Collegiate Recovery Program Coordinator