Recovery Oriented Campus Center

Letter to Parents

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The Recovery Oriented Campus Center (ROCC) at the University of Southern Maine would like to take this time to thank both you and your student(s) for your commitment to our school. We understand that the transition to college living can be rewarding and challenging for both parent and student. The ROCC is a valuable resource available to you, that can provide support as we work together to build a stronger community for your loved one(s).

The ROCC is about establishing Peer Support to build a supportive community for students in recovery from substance use and other mental health conditions. We are located on the Portland Campus of the University of Southern Maine. It is a place where students enter to re-connect with themselves, each other, their community, their academic potential, and the boundless opportunities that await them in a life of recovery. This peer driven community will be the foundation of growth to prepare students for the larger community where they will take their valuable experiences and education to lead fulfilling lives, enrich all our lives, and make a vital difference in the world. We believe that individual recovery and social recovery are both equally important, that recovery depends on a strong community, and that intervention saves lives. We are all essential to both the intervention and recovery process of our students.

Studies show that there have been significant increases in the number of college students with both substance use and mental health conditions. Colleges are struggling with providing students the necessary supports and services. The ROCC was developed in response to the needs of college students at the University of Southern Maine.

We welcome you to explore our website in order to gain more awareness of helpful tools and resources to invest in the success of your loved one. Recovery depends on community support and as an ally the ROCC depends on you.

Thank You

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