Recovery Oriented Campus Center

Music and Mindfulness

April 15, 2022
2:30 PM to 4:00 PM
Sullivan Gym 2nd Floor

Come join us at the ROCC (Sullivan Gym 2nd Floor) to play a variety of world instruments with other students and peers from the ROCC. We will work together to create an improvisational soundscape to support relaxation and deep reflection. Come to play, or just to listen. Beginners are welcome. All of the instruments are easy to learn and can be played with absolutely no musical experience. This event will also feature the groundbreaking Hypercube, a music visualizing art installation that creates an interactive light show that syncs with the rhythm of the music. Click here to see the Hypercube in action!! Participants are welcome to stretch, write, or make art as they listen. Dessert will be provided! 

Contact Information

Aaron Pomeranz