Recovery Oriented Campus Center


ROCC members tabling

ROCC Tabling in Woodbury

Work study student, Damaris, and Graduate Assistant for Substance Misuse Prevention, Emily collaborate together to promote the ROCC and low risk alcohol choices.
pumpkins on table

Pumpkin Painting Night

ROCC Stars enjoyed pumpkin painting as a fun fall activity!
craft supplies on table

November Craft Night at the ROCC

ROCC Stars enjoyed fun crafting activities!
group photo

ROCC Stars Visiting Maine Wildlife Park

Some of our ROCC Stars recently visited the Maine Wildlife Park in Gray!

LGBTQ+ Recovery Hosts a Halloween Party!

LGBTQ+ Recovery Hosts a Halloween Party!

Rock Painting in Gorham

ROCC peers brought rock painting to Gorham to enjoy a craft and learn about our center!
rocc peers

ROCC Stars Attend the NAMI Conference in Augusta

ROCC Stars recently attended the 5th Annual NAMI Conference!
ROCC Peers at the event

ROCC Stars Attend Recovery Fest in Rhode Island

ROCC Stars attending the Recovery Fest in Rhode Island!

Yellow Tulip Project Hope Garden Ceremony

The ROCC recently lead a hope garden planting ceremony as part of the Yellow Tulip Project!
Recovery Month

September is National Recovery Month

Every September, SAMHSA sponsors Recovery Month to increase awareness and understanding of mental and substance use disorders and celebrate the people who recover. Visit their website for Recovery Month events, read stories of recovery, and watch The Road to Recovery television series.