Recovery Oriented Campus Center

Paul's Recovery Story

I am a recovered alcoholic / addict, and I have been sober, by the grace of God and the twelve steps, since August 14, 2009. I began this journey in a jail cell, and, at nearly ten years sober, am preparing to walk the stage as a Dean's List law student. I found the ROCC when I arrived in Maine from Texas, and I immediately knew I wanted to be involved. They did not have a "Big Book" based 12-step meeting, so, Big Book thumper that I am, I started one with the help of Ms. Anna. I don't know if the meeting helped any attendees, but I know it helped me. That Friday meeting was often the highlight of my week. I am eternally grateful to the ROCC for the opportunities it affords its members and guests.

My journey has been every inch a miracle. I have worked for the very judges and district attorneys who handled my criminal cases. I have been able to help in the very jails and treatment centers in which I was once an inmate or a patient. I plan on taking the Texas Bar Exam in July 2019, and starting my post-doctoral work in the fall. I am on an adventure. I don't know where it will end - I don't particularly want to know - but "I will surely meet some of you as we trudge the Road of Happy Destiny." My name is Paul Michael Mullen, and I am a proud ROCC member.

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