Recovery Oriented Campus Center

Girl in a hat with a Laptop sitting with three peers

ROCC Community Resource Book

This resource book is intended to be a starting point to prepare students for the larger community where they will take their valuable experiences and education to lead fulfilling lives, enrich all our lives, and make a vital difference in the world. We believe that individual recovery and social recovery are both equally important, that recovery depends on a strong community, and that intervention saves lives.

Included are various resources in the Gorham and Greater Portland communities and beyond that could empower students to gain a better understanding of self and to build trusting relationships that meet their needs. All the while, most importantly, reminding them to safely have fun during their lifelong shared experience with others.

Each resource listed includes a weblink for your convenience. For the resources listed which are local, please reference the resource website for additional information and contact numbers. A hardcopy version of this community resource book is also available in the ROCC.

To explore the ROCC Community Resource Book Click HERE