Recovery Oriented Campus Center

ROCC- Diversity and Inclusion

September 19, 2017
12:00 PM to 2:00 PM
The ROCC Common Room- Top Floor of Sullivan Gym

USM’s Recovery Oriented Campus Center stands with those who believe in supporting one another, who embrace and cherish our diversity, and who are devoted to working together to make sure everyone belonging to our campus community feels welcome, valued and safe. The ROCC is dedicated to fostering a positive, safe and supportive community space, for all individuals in recovery, seeking recovery, and recovery allies.

Please join us at the ROCC for a facilitated discussion to increase education and awareness of issues in our community around race, class, ethnicity, nationality, and culture. The ROCC is proud to welcome Anila Karunakar- Coordinator for Multicultural Student Affairs, who will facilitate this training/ discussion.

Discussion will include

  • Current events and how what is going on in the world can impact us here at USM.
  • What privilege is, and how to understand what we are privileged to,
  • What micro-aggressions are and how they can be divisive within the confines of our society, and within the USM community.

Specific attention will be focused on how to have safe supportive communicate around sensitive, difficult topics.

Contact Information

Anna Gardner -Collegiate Recovery Program Coordinator