Recovery Oriented Campus Center

For Students

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We hope you will find the following resources helpful;

Start Your Recovery.Org  is a Comprehensive Resource for Students. This resource is a tool that helps students take steps toward a more healthy relationship with drugs and alcohol. On the site, students can learn about the experiences of people like them, find the answers they need, and locate support. 


 Are you seeking resources and recovery support for yourself or a loved one

with a mental health condition, visit NAMI   


Resources for Individuals in recovery from Eating disorders or those who may be seeking support for Food Addiction:  

Food Addicts in Recovery website

Milestones in Recovery~ A Guide to Eating Disorder Treatment  

20 Ways to Love Your Body  and other resources from the National Eating Disorder Association


Exercise, Nutrition and Sleep are important for our overall welllness.


For additional Support ~ visit University Health and Counseling


Student Leadership Trainings

Students who are interested in leadership roles at The ROCC will have the chance to participate in educational opportunities that support leadership. These trainings may include the following:

  • Recovery Coach Training

 "A Recovery Coach is a peer who has direct experience with alcohol and/ or drug addiction recovery, and who completes training to provide an array of services. The Recovery Coach meets with a person to help them find community based support & resources so that they can strengthen their recovery, and improve their quality of life in many areas." (MAAR) 

  • Presentation 101   

This training teaches student leaders techniques to sharpen facilitation skills and prepares them to deliver dynamic presentations.

  • YesPlus:Practice of Happiness, Well Being and Leadership Course

"This Yesplus Program, is an innovative life-skills leadership training and self-development program. Students gain foundational stress-management and leadership skills, learn to manage negative emotions and increase personal capacity, develop a personal daily breathing and meditation practice, learn a short personal yoga practice, develop strategies for social connection and community building, and engage in peer-driven service initiatives that benefit the campus community" (Annalies Richmond, International Association Human Values).

  • Student Support Network

The Student Support Network training is designed to strengthen and foster peer advocacy skills in current and emerging natural helpers or leaders. For more information contact Hillarie Fotter at or  visit USM Cares Student Support Network


If returning to college is part of your recovery, or if you are in recovery and entering college for the first time, click here for scholarship and financial assistance.