Recovery Oriented Campus Center

Supportive ART Hours

January 6, 2017 to November 29, 2017
The Recovery Oriented Campus Center (The ROCC)

Supportive ART Hours

Creating art can do many things for us. It helps us to live in the present, become aware of ourselves and our surroundings, and it helps us to relax. Art is also fun! All individuals can engage in art as a way to connect, as a creative outlet for stress, as part of your recovery and as a fun passion or hobby. The Recovery Oriented Campus Center offers space where you and others can draw and paint. You don’t have to be “good at” art. You don’t even need your own supplies, though you are welcome to bring them if you’d like. On Wednesdays from 8:00 am till 4:30pm, there will be an Art Support Person available at The ROCC. The Art Support Person can help you get set up in a space with art supplies to paint or draw, or to explore your artistic freedom. The Art Support can answer questions, offer encouragement, or just be available to share a quiet space in which to discover art.


***Art supplies are also available for your use at the ROCC outside of supportive art hours. Please be respectful of these limited supplies, as they have been voluntarily shared. 

Contact Information

Anna Gardner -Collegiate Recovery Program Coordinator