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USM ROCC Recovery Stories


How did these students get where they are today? What does Recovery mean to them?

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  Bryn Small headshot Bryn Gallagher: ROCC Alumni 

Was I blacking out frequently? Definitely. Getting sick after most drinking nights? Yup. If this sounds familiar, you are not alone & things can get so much better.

  Ash small headshot    Ash: ROCC Alumni 

 Someone recently asked me, “What does recovery mean to you.” I reflected back on my days at USM, and later shared this story.

Small head shot of Andrew  Andrew Kiezulas: ROCC Alumni

My recovery journey began after almost two decades of active substance use. I now seek to give others the chance I was given, to realize the power of possibility.

   Emilee Orsi: USM Alumni

I don’t want any survivor or victim to feel alone. Sharing my story is important. The more you share your story the less power you give it to control you.

   Paul Mullen: ROCC Alumni

I am a recovered alcoholic / addict, and I have been sober, by the grace of God and the twelve steps, since August 14, 2009. 


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