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Course Information: Add, Drop, Withdrawal, Costs & Deadlines


Students may self-add classes of 12 or more weeks in length through the end of the first week of the semester, provided that there is space available in the class and the student has satisfied all associated requirements for the class. An instructor's signature, or departmental permission, is required in all situations where the student is unable to self-register. Classes that are less than 12 weeks in length, the period of self-add will be 7% of the class length (1 day for each 2 weeks of the class length). Students who find that their names are not on the instructor's official list or listed in their semester enrollment in MaineStreet should check immediately with the Registrar's Office to make necessary corrections in the registration records.   


Students may self drop from a course at any time before the end of the course. If the course is dropped during the first 2 weeks of a class that is 12 weeks or more in length, or during the first 14% of the class for classes less than 12 weeks in length, there will be no notation on the transcript.
- Classes that appear on the transcript dropped through 60% of the class will receive the grade notation of W.
- A student dropping a course after the 60% period will receive an F.
- The W notation may be assigned after 60% of the course has been completed under unusual circumstances if so determined by the instructor and the dean.
- All students who register for a course and neither complete the course objectives nor officially withdraw according to any one of the procedures described above will be graded F or an L in that course and must assume all financial obligations associated with the course.

***PLEASE NOTECourse dropping timeline is based on the length of the academic course. Please check your schedule in the Classic MaineStreet Student Center and click on the icon (Academic Calendar Deadlines) for the exact deadline dates (see image below).***

Classic Student Center View:

Withdrawing for the semester (Dropping all classes)

A student may withdraw from all courses by completing a Semester Leave Form. This form is available at any major registration site and needs to be returned to a major registration site. Students may also withdraw by mail by sending a letter to the Registrar’s Office or by email by sending an email from your account to date of withdrawal is established on the day the University receives notification. If a withdrawal notice is mailed, the postmark will be used to establish the withdrawal date.

Add/Drop and Withdrawal Financial Policies

2021/2022 Tuition & Fees

Tuition and Fees*

(per credit hour)

(per credit hour)
Comprehensive Fee
(per credit hour)
Undergraduate Tuition $288.00 $788.00 $60.00
Graduate Tuition $432.00 $1,216.00 $60.00

More detailed information on tuition and fees.    *Other fees will apply

Payment Deadlines:

  • Fall: August 15
  • Winter: January 15
  • Spring: January 15
  • Summer: May 15

More detailed deadline information, including add/drop/withdraw adjustment policies

For more information on how to pay, payment plans, applying for financial aid, Maine residency, tuition waivers, and more, visit Student Financial Services or call (207) 780-5250.


Failure to properly withdraw may result in a FAILING grade and FINANCIAL LIABILITY. Discussion with a faculty member is not proper notification of change.

Please contact Registration & Scheduling Services by phone at (207) 780-5230 or by email at, or the Student Success Center at (207) 780-4040.

Course Cancellations
The University reserves the right to cancel courses in the case of low enrollment.

Variable Credit, Pass/Fail, Audit, and Repeat Courses
Students may request variable credit, Pass/Fail, and audit on the registration worksheet which will be used during the registration process.

**Changing grade option from P/F, Audit or normal grading must be completed by the end of the second week of classes. Grade change option will not apply after this date.**  

Please note however, that courses taken to satisfy CORE curriculum, academic honors, major and/or minor requirements may not be taken on a pass/fail or audit basis. Students repeating a course (not completing an incomplete 'I' grade) need to complete a Repeat Course form.