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Apply to Graduate

Are You Ready to Graduate? Don't Miss the April 1st Application Deadline!

The University of Southern Maine has one Commencement Ceremony a year held in May. In order to participate in the Ceremony, you MUST apply to graduate on MaineStreet by the appropriate deadline (see instructions below). If you have applied for graduation or have graduated since the last Commencement Ceremony, you will be sent further detailed information about the ceremony as the date draws nearer. Also, students often contact our office about when their degree will be awarded and diploma sent - here's a great visual overview of application, degree certification, and diploma process.

To Apply to Graduate:

  1. Go to your Student Center on MaineStreet
  2. In the drop down menu box titled "other academic..." (left of your schedule) choose "Apply: Graduation/Completion"
  3. Click on the hyperlink for the program that you are completing
  4. Follow prompts and SUBMIT

For indepth instructions, please reference this guide, or you may print and complete an Application for Degree.

Application Deadlines
May Graduation/Commencement April 1st
August Graduation August 1st
December Graduation December 1st

*Please note that participating in the Commencement Ceremony does not automatically mean you will be receiving your degree. Applying for graduation will trigger the Degree Certification Process that takes place after grades are finalized on MaineStreet. At that time, your appropriate Dean or Department will certify that you have completed all requirements and will notify the Registrar's Office. Diplomas will be produced and mailed once the certification process is completed by all parties. 

After Applying to Graduate: Congratulations on your accomplishments!  We would like to share the following information about the process of awarding degrees and mailing diplomas so that you know what to expect.

Certification of Requirements:
Once all final grade elections for spring are posted and confirmed, your academic department and dean’s office will review your records and certify your completion of all necessary requirements for graduation.  Approved graduation certifications are then forwarded to Registration and Scheduling Services for processing.  (The same process will apply for students completing requirements over the summer.)

Awarding of Degree:
Your degree will be awarded and posted to your student record (viewable on MaineStreet) and noted on your transcript. Our first priority is to award degrees so that transcripts may be used as proof of graduation for employers, graduate schools, etc.  To request a transcript please go to 


Diplomas will be printed and mailed to the address you provided on your graduation application.  Because of COVID 19, the diploma printing timeline is unknown at this time. It is our best hope to print and mail diplomas later in the summer. If your diploma mailing address has changed, please email us at with the new information.

Financial Holds on Your Account:
If you have a financial hold on your account, your degree will be awarded and posted.  However, policy prohibits us from releasing your transcript and diploma to you until the hold is resolved.  When you have resolved any financial holds, please contact us and we will print and mail your diploma as soon as we are able to resume printing.

Incomplete Requirements:
If it is determined that your degree requirements are incomplete, you will receive a letter from your academic department outlining the deficiencies.  Degree certifications are held by your academic department until all requirements are completed.  Please contact your academic department with any questions about deficiencies.

If you have questions about degree requirements, please contact your academic department.  If you have questions about transcripts or diplomas, please call Registration and Scheduling Services at 207-780-5230 or email

Commencement Ceremony Eligibility*

  • Earned a minimum of 114 credits by the end of Spring semester & remaining credits/requirements will be completed by the end of Summer.
  • Will be completing final program requirements by the end of Spring or Summer semester.

*Exceptions can occur. Please contact Registration & Scheduling Services to request an exception to participate.

If you have any questions about Commencement, please contact Registration & Scheduling Services at 207-780-5230 or