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Greater Portland Alliance of Colleges and Universities

Traditional Students


The University of Southern Maine is a member of the Greater Portland Alliance of Colleges and Universities (GPACU). This alliance provides cross-registration and other opportunities for eligible students.  GPACU benefits students by broadening course offerings and improving the effectiveness and efficiency of its participating schools.

Participating institutions include: 


GPACU, through collaborative efforts, seeks to:

  • Expand the contribution of colleges and universities to the quality of life, culture and economy of the Greater Portland region;
  • Build Greater Portland’s reputation as a center for higher education;
  • Provide students with greater opportunities of learning;
  • Improve effectiveness, efficiency, and cooperation among members; and
  • Strengthen participating institutions through cooperation and shared activities.

Cross-registration benefits students at GPACU member schools by expanding the number and kinds of courses available to help them complete their degrees.  Cross-registration supplements the course offerings at each member school, so that students may take courses that would not otherwise be available to them.

USM Students must:

  • Be in good academic standing;
  • Complete the USM prior approval form and receive academic authorization; and
  • Participate only after completion of their first semester at USM.


Students at GPACU Institutions must:

  • Meet the definition of matriculated student as defined by the student’s college/university;
  • Follow the GPACU procedures for cross-registration and complete GPACU form;
  • Meet any course prerequisites set by the college/university offering the course; and
  • Receive approval from the college/university offering the course, if required.

USM Students should complete the Prior Approval and Registration Forms and submit them to Registration Services prior to the start of the semester for which cross-registration is sought.

For All Students:

  • Enrollment for cross-registration is on a space available basis;
  • Eligible courses must be offered during fall and spring semesters;
  • Cross-registration cannot exceed three courses per year;
  • Cross-registration is limited to five courses per student’s undergraduate studies;
  • Non-credit courses and non-degree program courses are excluded from cross-registration;
  • Graduate courses are excluded from cross-registration; and
  • Add/drop policy of student’s college/university apply.


For USM Students:

  • Eligible courses are those that are not offered at USM.
  • Financial aid is available through the student’s home institution (if applicable);
  • Tuition is paid to the student’s home institution;
  • Any course fees are paid to the institution offering the course; and
  • Other fees to the institution offering the course may apply (e.g. parking).
  • Grades from cross-registration courses are automatically posted; and
  • Grades from cross-registration courses will be included in computing GPA.

For more information:

At USM, contact:

Registration Services
(207) 780-5230