Office of Registration & Scheduling Services

Fall Priority Registration Schedule

Fall 2022 Priority Registration Schedule

Please note that registration is active in MaineStreet at 6:00 AM.

Monday, April 4 Current and continuing Graduate students
(including Graduate Certificate students and new Online Maine admits)
Tuesday, April 5 Undergraduates with 114+ & Veteran Students
Wednesday, April 6 Undergraduates with 100 - 113.99 credits
Thursday, April 7 Undergraduates with 84 - 99.99 credits
Friday, April 8 Undergraduates with 69 - 83.99 credits
Monday, April 11 Undergraduates with 54 - 68.99 credits
Tuesday, April 12 Undergraduates with 39 - 53.99 credits
Wednesday, April 13 Undergraduates with 24 - 38.99 credits
Thursday, April 14 Undergraduates with 15 - 23.99 credits
Friday, April 15  Undergraduates with 0 - 14.99 credits
Monday, April 18

Undergraduate degree-seeking students beginning programs in Summer 2022

Newly admitted Graduate students beginning programs in Fall 2022 term

Monday, April 25  Open Registration (Beginning at 8:00am)
  • Priority Registration date assignments are determined by total number of earned credit hours. This calculation does not include credits in progress during the Spring 2022 term.
  • Newly admitted undergraduate degree-seeking students, including first-years, transfers, and readmitted students are not able to participate in priority or open registration. Newly admitted undergraduate students register for their first semester of USM courses during a required Advising & Course Selection (ACS) appointment. For more information, please visit Next Steps for Admitted Students page.
  • Newly admitted graduate degree-seeking students are not able to participate in priority registration and will register for courses with their academic department and/or faculty advisor. For additional information, please refer to the Graduate Student Online Orientation, or the Office of Graudate Studies Next Steps document.