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Summer Book Arts

2018 Summer Book Arts Program


Summer 2018: Monday, July 30th – Sunday, August 5th

Spend seven days in Portland, Maine studying Book Arts! The Wishcamper Center in Portland, Maine will be the setting for a series of Book Arts related workshops, filled with a wide range of topics including generating color and collage, botanical contact printing, letter forms, and many more.

During this program, each participant will have the opportunity to work with 8 different instructors in half-day and full-day workshops. Every participant will be exposed to a variety of approaches and opinions from a stimulating group of professional Artists.

Delicious lunches will be served each day of the program.

The Book Arts program comes to a conclusion on September 10th, 2018 with a final lecture and panel discussion followed by the exhibition reception.

All Book Arts Program participants are invited to participate (those taking the course for academic credit are expected to participate) in the Book Arts exhibit at Special Collections on the 6th floor of the Glickman Family Library, which will run for 4 weeks starting in September 2018.

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Summer 2018: Monday, July 30 – Sunday, August 5

  • Registration and Check In: Monday, 8:30am - 9:00am
  • Workshops:  Monday – Sunday 9:00am – 5:00pm

Lunch provided Monday – Sunday

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July 30, Monday (Half day workshops)

  • Generating Color & Collage with Penny Jones
    Collage as a process differs significantly from painting and drawing in that it involves a re-shifting of already existing materials. This workshop focuses on generating one’s own collage material, using unconventional tools and methods of paint application, and regenerating it into collage though cutting, ripping and re-combining.
    • NODS & STUMBLES*(aka Intertextuality and Discontinuity) with Dennis Gilbert
      This workshop alternates between the two main impulses of found literature: to forage afield for words and phrases and then to reconstitute them into new relationships, exploiting, for example, color and texture over narrative logic. Working from a variety of source materials, our goal will be to approach writing less as invention and more as

      *NODS: most writers are inveterate expropriators: we steal-from-to-pay-homage-to while finding treasure in the most mundane markers of daily life. Rather than acknowledging contexts self-consciously, this workshop embeds allusion into the method, highlighting the accidental.

      STUMBLES: disruption happens: the knock at the door, the errant muse… This workshop introduces engineered intervention as an editorial strategy.

      • This workshop requires the Tool Kit as well as the following additional materials:
        • Writing Materials (paper, pencils, pens)
        • Abundant source materials will be provided, but please feel free to bring your own – any text will do, from canonical to banal, liturgy to shopping list. Please also bring a sample of your own writing to share.

    July 31 and August 1, Tuesday and Wednesday 
    (All day workshops)

    • Fold, Paper, Scissors with Rachel Church
      In this workshop participants will create their own library of single-page folded books, including masu boxes, jelly-roll books, and more! We will also look at examples of different applications for each book structure, and consider how these different forms can be used to enhance the content of a book.

      • This workshop requires the Tool Kit as well as the following additional materials:
        • pencils
        • favorite mark-making tools

    • Botanical Contact Printing on Paper (and Cloth) with Amelia Poole
      Paper and cloth, plants, steam - what do you get? Surprising, unique images of local flora on all kinds materials! Learn several techniques of botanical contact printing (a.k.a. eco-printing) to create your own art papers and cloth.

      • This workshop requires the Tool Kit as well as the following additional materials:
        • Students will be provided with a materials kit of prepared art papers and a choice of cloth
        • several sheets of your favorite papers (natural or light colored)
        • gloves, optional (nothing dangerous, but plant materials can stain hands)

    August 2 and 3, Thursday and Friday (All day workshops)

    • RELIEF PRINTMAKING, UNHINGED with Christopher Patch
      This one day workshop will explore non-traditional methods of relief printmaking. Using foam core and other household items, we will experiment with reductive, multiple plate and collagraph printing approaches. Bring along any materials or textures you find interesting, and learn new ways to incorporate these into your prints!

      • This workshop requires the Tool Kit as well as the following additional materials:
        • pencils/pens
        • paint brushes 
        • Sharpie marker 
        • large pad of Newsprint 
        • sketchbook
        • apron

    • The Versatile Box Pop-up with Allison Villani
      The “box” pop-up will be taught with quite a few variations and much inspiration of what you can achieve with this one technique. You will be impressed with yourself by the end of the workshop! You will be able to make this simple technique look quite complicated. For those with a desire for challenges, the technique itself can become
      more complicated. You will leave with many models of possibilities and have plenty of time in class for experimentation.

      • This workshop requires the Tool Kit as well as the following additional materials:
        • Scissors - big or medium and small (optional on what size you bring, but having medium and small-snippers are helpful)
        • Double sided tape or artist tape, not a definite must, but helpful
        • Card stock of your choice if you have a favorite (some will be provided)
        • Drawing paper (80 or 90 lb.) or watercolor paper (which can be folded) if you are a fast and prolific worker (some will be provided)
        • Any favorite papers (optional)
        • Any favorite paints (optional)
        • Japanese hole puncher or other punching tools (optional)

    August 4 and 5,  Saturday and Sunday (All day workshops)

    • “Playing” the concertina with a piano hinge with Karen Adrienne
      This workshop will investigate the versatile compound binding of codex (folded) sections
      sewn onto the accordion structure. The use of a piano hinge reinforces the concertina
      spine and creates a chance to include an unexpected secret hiding place.
      • This workshop requires the Tool Kit as well as the following additional materials:
        • Paper: 1 piece 250 gsm i.e. Rives BFK, and smaller light weight decorative, or Asian paper
        • Thread: lightweight linen or embroidery thread
        • Needle
        • Glue Stick
        • Collage images that have a relationship to each other or poem that have importance to you
        • Mixed Media that you like to use i.e. prismacolor pencils, ink, paint, brush, markers
        • 1 piece of Bristol or similar weight paper
        • 1 chop stick or medium diameter bamboo skewer

    • Letter Forms in Every Day Surroundings and Simple Bookfolding with Kristín Þóra Guðbjartsdóttir
      What letter forms can be found when looking closely at everyday objects in one’s immediate environment, both natural and manmade? This workshop emphasises visual literacy while developing a sensitivity for forms by exploring and finding letter forms in one’s immediate surroundings. Not letters that are already there but discovering them by using the creative mind and imagination to read everyday life and mundane objects in a different way. Participants will use their artistic skills to sketch their found letterforms quickly and freely before combining them in simple bookfolding.

      • This workshop requires the Tool Kit as well as the following additional materials:
        • sketchbook
        • pencils
        • colored pencils
        • eraser
        • drawing felt pens (marker pen) in black size, size 1 to 6, or what you like to sketch with
        • drawing felt pen (gel pen) in white and another in one's choice of color
        • glue (for gluing paper and glue stick)
        • camera or smartphone could also come in handy to take snapshots while exploring letter forms

    Questions about workshops?
    Please email Rebecca Goodale, the faculty director of Book Arts, at

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    September Exhibition and Public Lecture

    All undergraduate and graduate students in Summer Book Arts (at the Wishcamper Center) are expected to participate in the Book Arts exhibit at Special Collections 6th floor, Glickman Family Library. Those taking the course for credit MUST participate. In order to complete this course you must design and make an artist’s book inspired in some way by your week at Wishcamper.

    GRADUATE STUDENTS addition you will write a research paper on some aspect of the week long program.  For instance, you might write about the history of printmaking, or on a particular book artist, binding, and/or Artist’s Books. This will also be due on or before September 5, 2018.

    Artist’s Books may be delivered in person to the 6th floor, Special Collections on Wednesday, September 5, 2018, between 4:15 and 5:30 PM. Please include the title and your name on a piece of paper with the book.

    Rebecca Goodale will be in Luther Bonney 424 Mondays and Wednesdays from 8:30 - 11:30 AM and from 1:15 - 4:00 PM for Artist's Book delivery.

    You can also wrap your book and put Rebecca Goodale - Special Collections on the cover and deliver it to the circulation desk in Glickman Family Library by September 5th. 

    If you decide to mail your book, send it to Rebecca Goodale, Chappell Center for Book Arts, 6th floor, Special Collections, Glickman Family Library, USM, 314 Forest Avenue, Portland, ME 04104.  It must arrive before September 4, 2018.  Keep in mind that once your book travels from your post office to USM, it then travels in USM’s mail system.  Plan on 3-5 days for delivery, depending on your proximity to Portland.

    • Book Arts Exhibition: September 6 - 30, 2018, Glickman Family Library, 6th floor 
    • Lecture and Reception: Monday, September 10th, 4:00 p.m.
      • Access to Artists’ Books: Exploring Bowdoin College’s Special Collections & Archives presented by Marieke Van Der Steenhoven, Special Collections Education and Outreach Librarian at Bowdoin College.

      • The lecture will be held in the University Events Room, 7th floor, Glickman Family Library, 314 Forest Avenue, Portland Campus. Following the lecture, there will be an exhibition reception from 5:00 - 6:00 p.m. on the 6th floor, near Special Collections. Refreshments will be served. Free and open to the public.

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    Tool Kit

    All participants are required to bring the following TOOL KIT to each workshop:

    • X-acto knife and blades or a knife with break away blades or Olaf knife (small, with snap off blades) and supply of replacement blades
    • 18” Metal Ruler
    • Self-Healing Cutting Mat about 12” x 18”
    • Pencil
    • Notebook
    • Scissors
    • Bone Folder

    The TOOL KIT is required for all workshops and will be used daily.

    In addition to the tool kit, which you must bring every day, each workshop requires additional materials needed for participation. Please review the workshop descriptions for details.

    Questions about required materials?
    Please email Rebecca Goodale, the faculty director of Summer Book Arts, at

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    Registration & Tuition

    Registration begins on March 1st for students enrolled at USM and other University of Maine schools, and March 5th for everyone. Participants can register for the 2018 Book Arts program for three undergraduate credits or three graduate credits. For those interested in participating, but do not need academic credit, there is a choice to enroll for undergraduate credit and select not to receive a grade for the course (audit the course) or to enroll as a noncredit student (CEUs available). Please note that there is a special course fee of $315 to offset the cost of the materials and lunch that are provided daily. 

    Summer 2018 Registration Options:

    Undergraduate Academic Credit:

    Undergraduate Academic Credit Program Fee includes full workshop participation and tuition, university fees, some course materials, and daily lunch. Participation in the September student exhibition and attendance at the September public lecture are required for all those who wish to receive a grade. In order to complete this course for full academic credit you must design and make an artist’s book inspired in some way by your week in the program.

    • When registering for undergraduate academic credit, participants may choose to receive a grade or to audit the course. Auditing means that the participant is enrolled in the course for academic credit but will not receive a grade.

      Undergraduate course code: ART 342

      • In-State residents: $1,255.00
      • Out-of-state residents: $2,536.00

      Payment for summer is due on or before May 10th.

    Graduate Academic Credit:

    Graduate Academic Credit (3 graduate credits) Program Fee includes full workshop participation & graduate tuition, university fees, some course materials, and daily lunch. Participation in the September student exhibition and attendance at the September public lecture are required. In order to complete this course you must design and make an artist’s book inspired in some way by your week in the program. In addition to the artist’s book, each graduate student must also submit a research paper by September 5. The paper must explore a contemporary movement in Book Arts in relationship to the history of Book Arts. It is preferable that the research stems from the Summer Book Arts experience.

    • When registering for graduate academic credit, participants may choose to receive a grade or to audit the course. Auditing the course means that the participant is enrolled in the course for academic credit but will not receive a grade.

    Graduate course code: EPC 582

    • In-State residents: $1,648.00
    • Out-of-state residents: $3,658.00

      Payment for summer is due on or before May 10th.

    Senior Citizen Waiver (applicable only to the academic credit section and only available for in-state residents 65 or older)

    Maine residents 65 and older are eligible to apply for a Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver. The Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver covers tuition, unified fee, and the summer administrative fee.  Individuals must be a Maine resident, 65 or older, and registered for undergraduate academic credit.  Learn more about USM's Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver.  

    Participate for Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

    The Continuing Education Unit (CEUs) Participation Fee includes full workshop participation, basic materials, and daily lunch.

    Registration for CEUs can be done online. Please refer to registration instructions found here. If you have specific questions about the workshops, please contact faculty director Rebecca Goodale at

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    The Summer Book Arts Program will be held at the Wishcamper Center on the University of Southern Maine's Portland Campus. Our vibrant Portland campus is right at the heart of this energetic, diverse city, nationally known for its arts and culture, outdoor lifestyle–and amazing food!

    • Local Hotels:
      There are a wide variety of hotels in the Portland area. For more information about hotels in the area, go to

    • A Word About Portland:
      A Creative Community on Maine's Scenic Coast
      Authentic- by nature with its heady mixture of artistic and outdoor adventures, our region is stylish and sophisticated, yet remains genuine and unpretentious, a place where grey flannel and plaid flannel coexist companionably. And underlying the latest tech, fashion, and culinary scene is a deep sense of continuity. We invite you to experience the character of a region that blends the present with a very special past.

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    Summer 2018 Faculty

    Faculty Director:

    • Rebecca Goodale is the Program Coordinator for USM's Kate Cheney Chappell '83 Center for Book Arts, is the Faculty Director for the Book Arts Program. Rebecca is a book artist, whose work can be found in numerous public collections throughout the United States including the local collections at Bowdoin College Library, the Maine Women Writers Collection, and the Portland Museum of Art. For questions regarding Book Arts workshop details, material lists, and tool kit contact Rebecca at

    Workshops Faculty:

    • Penelope Jones was born in Ithaca, NY. She received a BFA from Maine College of Art (formerly Portland School of Art), and an MFA (in painting) from Cornell University. Postgraduate work, she lived and exhibited in Boston for a period of time and then relocated to Portland, Maine, where she currently resides and exhibits her work. She has taught painting, drawing and design at various institutions: most recently and for the past 20 years at Bates College, but also at Cornell University, University of Southern Maine, Maine College of Art, Southern Maine Community College, and Bowdoin College.
    • After earning his MFA at the Iowa Writers Workshop, Dennis Gilbert discovered the pleasures of cooking professionally, drawing & painting, photography, long-form journalism, creative non-fiction, and filmmaking. When not teaching writing and film for the University of Southern Maine’s Media Studies Program, he writes, cooks, draws, paints, etc. His most recent project is a feature film: When You’ve Got It, You’ve Got It, a Spencer Pond Group collaboration.

    • Rachel Church is a book artist and printmaker in Portland, Maine. She holds a B.A. in Art with a concentration in Entrepreneurial Studies and a B.F.A. in Studio Art with a concentration in Printmaking and minor in Book Arts from the University of Southern Maine, and is currently pursuing a M.F.A. in Intermedia at the University of Maine in Orono. In 2008, she spent time as an intern at the Engine House Press, on the island of Vinalhaven, Maine. In 2009 she spent a year printing with the Peregrine Press in Portland, thanks to the Kate Mahoney Memorial Scholarship. She currently creates at Running with Scissors Artists Studios and teaches workshops at Still Life Studio, both in
      Portland, Maine.

    • Amelia Poole is an artist raised by scientists who brings her love of fibers and textiles, botany, chemistry, and history to her teaching and textile art. She received an MFA in Woven Textile Design and Construction from the Surrey Institute of Art and Design, Farnham, Surrey, UK. For the past 8 years Amelia has been concentrating primarily on botanical contact printing and indigo shibori. Amelia works from her studio/gallery in Brooksville, Maine and shows her work at fine craft shows. Her work is held both in private and museum collections.
    • Christopher Patch is an artist who lives and works in the Portland, Maine area. He utilizes various printmaking techniques to create collages, sculptural installations, paintings and books that reflect his interest and fascination with the natural world. He received a BFA in Printmaking from Maine College of Art in 1997 and an MFA in Painting from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2000. His work has been exhibited in galleries and museums in the US, Canada and Japan.

    • Allison Villani has always loved sculpture and books. She received a BFA from Boston University with a major in Sculpture and a MA from Teachers College, Columbia University with certification to teach Visual Art K-12. Allison currently teaches art at Reiche Elementary School and offers monthly classes to all ages at her Paper Art Studio in Portland. Creating pop-up books and cards satisfies all of Allison’s loves of paper, sculpture, books, and problem solving. She enjoys spreading the magic of pop-ups!
    • Karen Adrienne is an artist, and founder of Circling the Square Fine Art Press and Artdogs Studios. She is committed to art making and community building through the arts. Karen taught printmaking, drawing and book arts, as a Professor of Art at University of Maine at Augusta until the Spring of 2017. She earned her MFA in Printmaking from Northern Illinois University and taught in the Illinois University system before moving to Maine. Karen has received numerous grants, awards and residencies that have offered her creative opportunities in the U.S., India, Ireland, Germany, Spain and Italy. Her multidisciplinary work includes installation art, prints, drawings and books. The images that she creates are influenced by her travels, forms from nature, and human experience. &
    • Kristín Þóra Guðbjartsdóttir graduated from the textile department of The Icelandic School of Arts and Crafts and went on to further studies at Fachhochschule Hamburg, Fachbereich Gestaltung. She also completed studies in graphic design at The Icelandic School of Arts and Crafts, as well as in photography at the Technical College Reykjavík. She works as graphic designer and has earned prizes and awards for her work. Her book art has been on display at joint exhibitions in Iceland and abroad. She lives in Reykjavík.

    Questions about workshop faculty and program content?
    Please email Rebecca Goodale, the faculty director of Book Arts, at

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