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Summer 2020: Monday, May 18 - June 12, 2020

Meeting twice a week for 4 weeks, Mondays and Wednesdays 1:30-3:30 PM, via Zoom

This ONLINE course offers an opportunity for students to have a similar experience to the USM Summer Book Arts Program. Professor Goodale will teach a variety of techniques throughout the session, including various book forms (single section, accordion, compound bindings, star and drum leaf pop-ups) design (developing a visual narrative, rhythm and pace, balance and contrast), and printmaking techniques (reduction block printing and stencils).  All of these skills will give each student the confidence to design and make a unique artist’s book for a September exhibition at the Glickman Library.

Upon completion of the course students will have:

  • Gained experience in developing skills used in the making of Artist’s Books.
  • Developed good production habits in working independently 
  • Considered a broad range of possibilities in terms of producing artist’s books
  • Gained experience in using form to complement content



During the session students will:

  • Attend online classes and discussions
  • Learn 8 different techniques and/or media related to the production of Artist’s Books
  • Experiment with new ideas and forms
  • Work closely with the instructor to fully develop project potential
  • Participate in group critiques
  • Do research and assigned readings


Students will be expected to devote at least 10 hours per week to class projects. 

Failure to complete projects by the end of the semester (Due Date for Final August 1) will result in a failing grade.


Evaluation will be based upon the level of commitment to the course and the extent to which finished assignments reflect creative and intellectual engagement.

Grades are to be based on the following:

The successful investigation of every assignment is expected.  These projects must be considerate of assignment objectives and must be completed by the due date.

Active participation in class discussions and critiques is expected.  The reading assignments are essential for the development of ideas and concepts in relationship to the international book arts community. 

Being prepared for every class with the appropriate tools and materials is essential for each student’s success and growth. 

Throughout the course it is important for you to be open to new ideas and to be willing to experiment with new ways of seeing and thinking.

Attendance is required.  You may miss only 2 class meetings. This includes all of the excused absences that you might need during the session. If you are late or if you leave early it will affect your grade.  I do not need to know why you were not in class. It is your responsibility to gather all of the information that you may have missed when you are absent from class. You should have a number of your classmates’ email addresses or phone numbers so that you can ask them for help if you need it.

If you miss more than 2 classes, then your grade will drop by one full letter grade. In other words, if you are doing B- work and you miss 4 classes you will receive a C-.

If there is an emergency situation and if you are doing C work or better, I will negotiate a grade of Incomplete.  You must contact me and request that grade as soon as possible. 

In order to succeed in this course, your work should be completed and delivered by the due date. 

Plagiarism, cheating, and falsification of information are violations of academic integrity that will not be tolerated in this class. For more information, please contact the Office of Community Standards at 780-5242. 

Academic Support for Students with Disabilities

The University of Southern Maine is committed to providing access to the University for people with disabilities.  Our goal is to enable students, staff, applicants and the public to participate in the academic, employment, cultural, and recreational life of the University.  University policy, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and state and local laws, ensure that qualified individuals with a disability shall have access to and be able to participate in services, programs, and activities of the University of Southern Maine. Contact :780-4706 The Office of Disability Services for Students

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Summer 2020: Monday, May 18 - June 12, 2020

Art 342 ONLINE Calendar

Every class will begin with a slide talk and short video demonstrations, followed by group discussion.

5/18 Rhythm and pace in an Artist’s Book, single section, accordions, and compound bindings

5/20 Using two stencils to establish a narrative, then how to support that narrative with collage and direct marks.

5/25 Paste paper and stencils with direct marks with graphite and china markers  

5/27 Creating a wall-hung artist’s book with paste paper content

6/1 Reduction relief printing with easy cut and/or foam board, how to think it all through. 

6/3 Folio style star books with relief prints

6/8 Pop-ups and drum leaf books

6/10 More Pop-ups and drum leaf books

8/1 Final due to Glickman Library in person delivery or by us mail to:

Rebecca Goodale, USM Center for Book Arts, Glickman Library, PO Box 9300, Portland ME 04103-9300

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Tool Kit

All participants are required to have the following TOOL KIT:

  • x-acto knife with blades 
  • dull knife, like a steak knife (something you have in a kitchen drawer)
  • metal ruler 18” minimum
  • Cutting surface, self-healing mats are good 
  • Awl (optional)
  • Bone folder
  • Scissors
  • Sharp Needle (with eye- large enough to accommodate dental floss)
  • embroidery floss
  • waste paper- like a newsprint tablet
  • wide 1 ½” – 3” foam or bristle brush for glue/ paints (something from a hardware store would work)
  • Acrylic paints -a few colors, inexpensive is fine- Red-Yellow-Blue- Black minimum, however if you have lots of colors on hand that is fine too)
  •  Acrylic OPEN medium (Dick Blick A02013-4005)
  • Media to make imagery with, such as brush and ink, collage materials, colored pencils, etc.
  • Clothespins come in handy
  • for finer assignments, buy 1 tablet of colored Canson (Dick Blick A10710- then choose an assorted color pack that you like)
  •  and 3 single sheets of Canson Mi-Tientes (Dick Blick A10710- and then choose a color or colors)
  • 2 sheets of Masa (Dick Blick A10409-1003) this is a Japanese paper
  • or 2 Reeves BFK (Dick Blick A10419-1011)
  • Soft Cut Printing Blocks (Dick Blick A40401-1006   12x18”)
  • Lino cut tools (you could use an x-acto knife instead) (Dick Blick Speedball Lino Set #1 A40203-1009 this is a handle with 5 blades)
  • Wooden Spoon or Barren (Dick Blick Barren A42910-1004) a wooden spoon works well.
  • Speedball soft rubber Brayer 4” or 6” or larger (Dick Blick 6” Brayer A40104-1006)
  • One Foam Core Board from a local dollar store (They are open or order online) It needs to be this cheap foam core, preferably white, not black.
  • Piece of Plexiglas at least 9x12, 2 would be best, or larger (however one will work)
  • The TOOL KIT is required for all workshops and will be used daily.


Paste Recipes:

Stove Top: 

1 and 1/8 c water

½ cup flour

Make a few hours in advance of use as it takes awhile to cool down.

Put flour in saucepan, add 1/2 cup of water to dissolve the flour, then add the remaining water.  Cook and stir constantly over moderate heat until boiling. Count to 30, turn off the heat. Let cool. This paste will keep for approximately 5 days if refrigerated. Mark the container if you share your refrigerator so no one will try to ingest it.



Book Restoration: Rice & Wheat Paste


  • 1-part flour (refined rice or wheat flour). So 1/4c flour
  • 8 - 9 parts water. So 2 cups water
  • Microwave in a glass ramekin until paste becomes translucent and begins to thicken. Make sure to stop and stir a few times so your paste doesn't get lumps. The paste will thicken as it cools.


Questions about required materials?
Please email Rebecca Goodale, the faculty director of Summer Book Arts, at

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Registration & Tuition

Registration begins on March 2nd for students enrolled at USM and other University of Maine schools, and March 4th for everyone. Participants can register for the 2020 Book Arts program for three undergraduate credits or three graduate credits. For those interested in participating, but do not need academic credit, there is a choice to enroll for undergraduate credit and select not to receive a grade for the course (audit the course) or to enroll as a noncredit student (CEUs available).

Summer 2020 Registration Options:

Undergraduate Academic Credit:

Undergraduate Academic Credit Program Fee includes full workshop participation and tuition, university fees, some course materials, and daily lunch. Participation in the September student exhibition and attendance at the September public lecture are required for all those who wish to receive a grade. In order to complete this course for full academic credit you must design and make an artist’s book inspired in some way by your week in the program.

  • When registering for undergraduate academic credit, participants may choose to receive a grade or to audit the course. Auditing means that the participant is enrolled in the course for academic credit but will not receive a grade.

    Undergraduate course code: ART 342

    • In-State residents: $1,255.00
    • Out-of-state residents: $2,536.00

    Payment for summer is due on or before May 15th.

Graduate Academic Credit:

Graduate Academic Credit (3 graduate credits) Program Fee includes full workshop participation & graduate tuition, university fees, some course materials, and daily lunch. Participation in the September student exhibition and attendance at the September public lecture are required. In order to complete this course you must design and make an artist’s book inspired in some way by your week in the program. In addition to the artist’s book, each graduate student must also submit a research paper by September 5. The paper must explore a contemporary movement in Book Arts in relationship to the history of Book Arts. It is preferable that the research stems from the Summer Book Arts experience.

  • When registering for graduate academic credit, participants may choose to receive a grade or to audit the course. Auditing the course means that the participant is enrolled in the course for academic credit but will not receive a grade.

Graduate course code: EPC 582

  • In-State residents: $1,648.00
  • Out-of-state residents: $3,658.00

    Payment for summer is due on or before June 15th.

Senior Citizen Waiver (applicable only to the academic credit section and only available for in-state residents 65 or older)

Maine residents 65 and older are eligible to apply for a Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver. The Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver covers tuition, unified fee, and the summer administrative fee.  Individuals must be a Maine resident, 65 or older, and registered for undergraduate academic credit.  Learn more about USM's Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver.  

Participate for Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

The Continuing Education Unit (CEUs) Participation Fee includes full workshop participation, basic materials, and daily lunch.

Registration for CEUs can be done online. Please refer to registration instructions found here. If you have specific questions about the workshops, please contact faculty director Rebecca Goodale at

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Faculty Director:

  • Rebecca Goodale is the Program Coordinator for USM's Kate Cheney Chappell '83 Center for Book Arts, is the Faculty Director for the Book Arts Program. Rebecca is a book artist, whose work can be found in numerous public collections throughout the United States including the local collections at Bowdoin College Library, the Maine Women Writers Collection, and the Portland Museum of Art. For questions regarding Book Arts workshop details, material lists, and tool kit contact Rebecca at


Questions about workshop faculty and program content?
Please email Rebecca Goodale, the faculty director of Book Arts, at

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