Research Service Center

Finding Funding

The RSC can help you in the pre-proposal stage as you develop a concept and seek out funding opportunities to implement your research.

RSC staff are there to assist you develop a concept that could result in a research project. Please contact the appropriate Cutler Institute Development Associate to explore concepts and potential funding:

  • Terry Shehata – College of Science & Technology, Lewiston-Auburn College, or 207-228-8239
  • Maggie Vishneau – College of Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences; College of Management & Human Service; Law School, or 207-780-5469

Some things to consider as you develop your concept and seek out funding:

  • Is there a Request for Proposals (RFP) from a funder you have worked with in the past or whose priorities align with your research concept?
  • Have you begun to establish a relationship with a Program Officer from a funding agency/foundation? Staff can help you establish a relationship or submit a question(s) to a funder about a specific RFP.
  • Are there appropriate publications or program announcements that align with your specific area of interest?

Sources of funding can be found in various areas, including federal and state agencies, private foundations and not-for-profit organizations, special interest groups and corporate, industry, and business organizations.

Staff can suggest specific funders, help you search for funding opportunities, or train you to use University subscription funding database, ProQuest Pivot and the Maine Philanthropy Center. Using these databases will allow you to create a profile with specific areas of interest so that you can receive alerts about opportunities that may match your research focus.

ProQuest Pivot

The University of Southern Maine subscribes to ProQuest Pivot, which offers a searchable database of 25,000 records representing over 400,000 individual funding opportunities from numerous sponsors across all disciplines. USM faculty, students, and staff can create accounts and sign up for personalized e-mail funding alerts based on previously specified criteria provided by the individual ProQuest Pivot user. To find out more about ProQuest Pivot or to get help in accessing this funding database, please contact

Click here for ProQuest Pivot login information


The Maine Philanthropy Center

The Maine Philanthropy Center, part of the Cooperating Collection of the Foundation Center, is a resource for nonprofits that includes access to information about local and national foundations, philanthropic sector news, and giving trends. You can also sign up for several newsletters, including the Philanthropy News Digest and a weekly RFP Bulletin. Please contact the Maine Philanthropy Center at for information on logging in to the website or to receive monthly e-newsletters, invitations to the events, and access to the online Directory of Maine Grantmakers.

Click here for more information about the Maine Philathropy Center

Additional Funding Resources

Below are some additional sources of information about potential funding. Please contact Terry Shehata with any questions,, or 207-228-8239.