Research Service Center

Managing Your Grant

The RSC is your point of contact for managing all aspects of your grant, from start to closeout.

The Research Service Center serves as liaison between the University and external funders once an award has been made.

You and/or the Research Service Center will receive the grant award notification. Congratulations! You will be working immediately with your GCM (Grants and Contracts Manager) to manage the grant once the award notification is received.

  • If you receive notification of an award, forward it to the GCM so that USM can officially accept the award through the signature of an authorized organizational representative from the RSC.
  • Prior to ensuring the authorized signature is obtained, the GCM will review the terms and conditions of the award to ensure that USM is in agreement with all.

Once the award notification/contract has been signed, you and your GCM will work closely throughout the life of your grant to accomplish the following:

  • Reviewing and negotiating (if necessary) an award from a funder
  • Helping with modifying an award, if needed
  • Coordinating the initial project account set-up with the Systems Office
  • Managing the ongoing billing and receivable activities
  • Administering the personnel effort report system
  • Monitoring expenditures and managing projections, especially as the end of the project nears
  • Processing requests for budget modifications, extensions, and other prior approval requests
  • Coordinating cost share/match documentation, if needed
  • Maintaining contract/grant files, per regulatory requirements
  • Coordinating project closeout and final reporting

As the Principal Investigator (PI) for the grant, you are responsible for:

  • Managing the implementation of your grant
  • Ensuring that you have completed the required online training on Human Subject’s Protection
    • All investigators, faculty advisors, and research staff are required to have completed the appropriate CITI online training module on Human Subject’s Protection. Check with the Office of Research Integrity and Outreach for more information.
  • Providing oversight to any staff who are part of the grant
  • Monitoring expenditures and managing projections of spending
  • Completing and submitting the Monthly Financial Review Sheet (MFR)
  • Completing and submitting programmatic reports on time, as required by the funder
  • Working with the GCM to submit financial reports on time, as required by the funder

Other Useful Information: