Research Service Center

Developing & Submitting Your Proposal

RSC staff are in place to help you as the Principal Investigator (PI) get your proposal developed, completed, and submitted to the funder.

Once you have developed a concept and found a funder or an RFP to respond to, complete the Intent to Propose (ITP) form at least three weeks prior to the proposal due date. This form can be completed on line and once you click Submit, will alert the RSC Grants & Contract Coordinator to contact you as Principal Investigator (PI) about developing a proposal.

  • The Grants & Contract Coordinator (GCC) will help you assemble a proposal team. Teams are typically made up of the Principal Investigator; subject matter experts, as needed; the GCC; and the Development Associate. The proposal team establishes a workplan and timeline.
  • The GCC will be ready to:
    • Provide boilerplate University-specific language required by the grant.
    • Work with you to develop a budget. The GCC can assist you in costing out your project by making you aware of all the potential expenditures you may face.
    • Help you interpret the funder guidelines or get clarification about any questions.
    • Review assurances and certifications. Agencies may require various certifications, financial statements, compliance affidavits, etc. We are prepared to see that these required items are properly completed and included in your submission.
  • The Development Associate will help you by reviewing your proposal narrative; ensuring that the narrative aligns with the budget; and identifying a Final Approval Review Team, if further review is necessary.
    • If a Final Approval Review Team is needed, the GCC will ensure the final draft is reviewed by this team.
    • The PI and Proposal Team will rewrite specific edits, as needed
  • The GCC will complete the Proposal Approval Form and route to PI/Dean for approval of proposal and all University commitments.
    • The Proposal Approval Form is an internal form used to confirm that appropriate University officials know about, approve of, and accept responsibility for the project. Signatures required include: Department chair, Dean/Director, heads of collaborating departments, and Principal Investigator(s). The form also includes additional project information, such as staffing and source of any University cost sharing.
    • No proposal may be submitted without a properly completed Proposal Approval Form. A new form is required for continuation and renewal submissions, as well.
  • The final draft of the proposal must be completed at least five days prior to the due date.


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