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Research Service Center: Your Partner throughout the Life of Your Research Project

The Research Service Center (RSC) supports the University community in its pursuit and management of externally sponsored projects. The RSC is the key point of contact for all your needs in conducting research throughout the life cycle of your project: finding funding, developing and submitting your proposal, managing your grant, and compliance and auditing. Grants and Contracts Manager (GCMs) work with specific Colleges, Departments, and Programs across the University. Click HERE to see which GCM is assigned to your unit.

Overview of Research Grant Process: How the Research Service Center Can Help

Your research project starts with an idea for research you’d like to pursue. As your idea takes shape, it’s important to begin to identify potential funding sources. Research Service Center staff can help you conceptualize your research project and assist you in finding funding.

When you have found a potential funder(s) and are ready for developing and submitting your proposal, it’s a good idea to assemble a team of subject matter experts and partners who can contribute to the research concept or who will be involved in your research.

  • Complete the Intent to Propose (ITP) form that alerts RSC staff to help you in assembling a team, developing your proposal, and submitting to the funder.
  • One of the final steps in developing your proposal is the completion of the Proposal Approval Form. The GCM will complete the Proposal Approval Form and route to PI/Dean for approval of the proposal and all University commitments.

Once your proposal is funded, you and the RSC will receive award notification and you can begin your research project! At this step, the RSC will ensure that project numbers are assigned, accounts are established, and sub-agreements are created.

You and the RSC will work together in managing your grant, including monthly budget reviewing, progress reporting, time and effort reporting, and sponsor invoicing.

Throughout the process of conducting your research, the RSC will assist you in ensuring that you have met all compliance and auditing standards so that neither the individual researcher nor the University is at risk of violating compliance regulations.

At the completion of the grant, the RSC will assist with closing out the grant, including reconciling and closing the project budget, as well as submitting a final performance report to the funder.