Research Administration

Office of the Research Director

Staff from the Office of the Research Director advance and encourage research at USM, serving as resource and support for research faculty, staff, and students across USM as they pursue scholarly knowledge regionally, nationally, and internationally.

The Office is headed by the Director of Research & the Cutler Institute for Health and Social Policy. Other staff provide development, financial, administrative, and compliance support for all research efforts around USM.


 Kris Sahonchik

Kris Sahonchik, Director of Research & the Cutler Institute for Health & Social Policy 




Tamara Blair Kirk, Director of Research Service Center

 Terry Shehata

Terry Shehata, Ph.D. Senior Policy Associate, Research & Economic Development
Maine Economic Improvement Fund Coordinator

Maggie Vishneau


Maggie Vishneau, Senior Policy Associate, Research & Organizational Development




Ross Hickey


Ross Hickey, Director, Office of Research Integrity and Outreach (ORIO)




Research Service Center (RSC)
Tamara Blair Kirk, Director 

Research Service Center Staff:
Jennifer Camire
Dee Dipaolo
Melissa McLellan
Tony Molina
Martha Scott
Kurt Stokes
Maureen Wissman