Maine and its Aging Population

The Muskie School of Public Service recently prepared Chartbook: Older Adults and Adults with Physical Disabilities: Population and Service Use Trends in Maine for the Maine Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), co-authored by Muskie School’s research staff members Stuart Bratesman, Louise Olsen, Cathy McGuire, Tina Gressani, Cindy Shaw, Catherine Gunn, Jasper Ziller, Karen Mauney, and Julie Fralich. With Maine’s aging population and its status as the oldest state in the nation, the use of long term services continues to be a critical public policy issue in the state and nationally. This publication provides a comprehensive overview of demographic trends, use of long term services across settings, quality of care, and provider trends. Also, the research staff at Cutler Institute’s Disability and Aging Program worked on a series of chartbooks on long term service users, providers, and direct care workers in Maine, in cooperation with Maine DHHS under the State Profile Tool Grant. For more information on this team’s research: