Geologic structural mapping in the State of Maine

CSTH Professor of Geosciences Mark Swanson is currently involved in Continuing Geologic Investigations - detailed structural mapping of coastal locations in Maine. He applies earlier research into the detailed structural mapping of publicly accessible national parks, state parks, town parks, nature preserves, and other natural areas, depicting Paleozoic-age folded metamorphic layers, granite intrusions and Mesozoic age mafic dike intrusions to create a detailed geologic map and history for each local publicly accessible site.  Among the sites he is mapping are:

  1. Digital mapping and surveying of strike-slip faults and dike intrusions at Schoodic Point, Acadia National Park.
  2. Finalizing GIS conversion of previously mapped fault and vein structures from Two Lights State Park to Dyer Point in Cape Elizabeth.
  3. Reconnaissance of near-shore islands in Southern Maine including:
    1. Wood Island to Stage Island, south end of Saco Bay, Biddeford
    2. Timber Point Rachel Carson National Wildlife Preserve and nearby Timber Island, Biddeford
    3. Cape Porpoise Islands in Kennebunk

Research Mission

To support research, scholarship and creative activity to: promote knowledge, discovery and practical application to advance Maine's economy, communities and the quality of life for Maine citizens; to strengthen classroom education and transform the lives of students through real world learning opportunities; and to support faculty and staff commitment to excellence in scholarly accomplishments regionally, nationally and internationally.