Health Analytics and Health System Transformation

Solving Big Data Problems to Support Population Health Analytics and Health System Transformation

Lead PI: Bruce MacLeod, Computer Science

Co-PI: Andrew Coburn, Muskie School of Public Service

USM Team Members:

David Briggs, Computer Science

Charlie Colgan, Muskie School of Public Service

Clare Bates Congdon, Computer Science

Catherine McGuire, Cutler Institute for Health & Social Policy

Erika Ziller, Cutler Institute for Health & Social Policy

Project Abstract:

Transformational shifts in the delivery and financing of health care have heightened the information needs of health systems, while at the same time the amount of electronic data created by the health care sector has increased exponentially. Maine is on the cutting edge for many health data developments, including having the only operational, statewide Health Information Exchange, and one of the first all-payer claims data warehouses. While these and other data hold enormous promise for research and changes to clinical practice, the size, scope, and design of health data systems have created numerous challenges to data access and operability. Our proposed research cluster will tackle these and other big data problems in health care delivery, financing, and population health. Inparticular, we intend to focus on problems

related to variety in big health data and the challenges in linking and analyzing that are its sequelae. Representing faculty and staff from two colleges, three degree programs, and two research programs, cluster members reflect a diverse body of knowledge and an extensive theory-based and applied research portfolio with clear relevance to health informatics and health care system performance. Incollaboration with our partners at HealthinfoNet and the Maine Health Management Coaltion, we intend to develop solutions that improve health care delivery and quality and respond to local industry and community needs.