The 2011 Health Workforce Summit

The Maine Health Workforce Forum was established in 2005 by the Maine Legislature to address Maine’s current and projected workforce needs. The forum is a statewide group of public and private sector stakeholders committed to ensuring a sufficient and qualified health and long-term care workforce in Maine.  Membership in the forum is open and voluntary and includes employers, representatives of health professional associations, licensing boards, educational institutions, and Maine Departments of Health and Human Services, Labor and Education, and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The purpose is to ensure a high level of communication, information sharing, coordination, collaboration, planning, resource development, program alignment, and data collection and analysis among the various public and private organizations, educators, and practitioners concerned with workforce development.

A product of the forum, the 2011 Maine Health Workforce Summit, titled The State of the State’s Health Workforce: Aligning Resources to Meet Maine’s Needs, will include opening comments by Governor Paul LePage, as well as a panels comprised of the commissioners of DOL, DHHS, DOE, and DECD, health employers, and educators. Project Director Elise Scala and Principal Investigator Kay Dutram, together with Cutler Institute staff, provide support to the forum and are taking the lead in organizing the summit