Teaching Chemistry Using Today's Media

Assistant Professor of Chemistry Lucille Benedict recently co-authored an article with Dr. Harry E. Pence (SUNY Oneonta), on QR coded student-created videos that was published in the April 2012 issue of the Journal of Chemical Education: "Teaching Chemistry Using Student-Created Videos and Photo Blogs Accessed with Smartphones and Two-Dimensional Barcodes."

The abstract is listed below (from the Journal of Chemical Education):

Increasing numbers of college students own cell phones, and many of these phones are smartphones, which include features such as still and video cameras, global positioning systems, Internet access, and computers as powerful as the desktop models of only a few years ago. A number of chemical educators are already using these devices for education. By the time they reach college, many students have created video content and shared it on Web sites, such as YouTube. It has become easy to create two-dimensional barcodes that include a universal resource locator Web address that can connect the Web browser on a smartphone to a Web site. This article discusses how these new capabilities can be used to teach chemistry.